Winter is coming and with it comes people looking to escape the cold temperatures and snow of the north.  Down here that means the secluded anchorages get a little more crowded every day and with the migration comes more friends to catch up with!

We said goodbye to Keith; however, who is heading out for an adventurous boat delivery to Hawaii.  He and Jaime took a leisure cruise on Reach over to Porvenir so he could catch a flight to the City.  Three planes and several false alarms later his actual plane arrived a day late (Panama time!).  

Jaime was happy to have that extra day with him and Michele waved as he flew by Reach.

While we were in Porvenir, ominous clouds in the background as always when we anchor here, Allen and Patricia arrived on Nauti-Nauti.  So, we picked up where we left off with them in Bocas over happy hours & dinners, this time with Mark's new guitar!  Patricia had a new underwater camera and took a lot of good photos for her first time out, including an exciting, first ever sighting of peppermint shrimp inside a tube sponge.

Eventually we made our way back to the Swimming Pool anchorage in the East Holandes, after narrowly escaping a nasty lightning storm in the Lemmons that took out electronics on several boats and shook the nerves of all of us.  Can you tell how the Pool got its’ name?!

Roberto senior & Prado the master mola maker stopped by with my favorite little chicas, Lismida & Lisabet.  

They were selling their molas to charter boats in the anchorage and we promised to go back and visit their island again soon.

Friends on Morgan and Infinity arrived on the same day and each of us were all smiles, so happy to be back in this beautiful place that feels like home.  

Gretchen & Frank loaned me one of their stand-up paddle boards to try ~ it was a lot of fun for my 3rd time ~ grace-in-motion…!  Again, it was combined with an off-board snorkel for some conching.  

IMG_7525 IMG_7526

Sharda & Dave invited us over for an amazing Trinidadian dinner of chicken curry with homemade roti ~ I finally got to watch the buss-up-shut technique!  The evening ended with CHERRY PIE, which Mark truly believes Dave gets every night… (Blake, time for you to be jealous).  Now it's time for yoga to work all of that good food!

IMG_7548 IMG_7549

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