If you want to look this relaxed and rejuvenated at the end of the week… then the Bahamas is the place for you!  After 10 years of us living aboard, Mom and Dad finally visited us on Reach and actually took a vacation.  It was for good reason.  They were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary - wow!!  (Guess what that means in 9 months from now for Michele, their oldest child?!).

The rental car to pick them up from the airport was convenient to also run errands ~ despite the flat tire ~ and we had our traditional welcome lunch at the Peace ’n Plenty!  The views were spectacular and the bar service the friendliest, as always.  Plus, the new menu turned out some tasty, juicy burgers!

It turned out to be a great weather week in the southern Exumas, a break in the high winter winds that had been battering us all year.  Winds were still up on the day they arrived, so we decided to take the water taxi to and from Reach with our provisions for the week to our anchor spot under the Monument.

They got the full cruising experience… relaxation, dinghy rides, swimming and hikes, conch salad on the beach, meeting friends for happy hour, foraging for coconuts, watching sunrises & sunsets and a romping sail!


P1090755 P1090757

I have to say that Dad and I got in a lot of steps in each day, especially for living on a boat.  Perhaps not as many as his dog-walking hikes, but many of ours were climbing so that should count as extra!

Mom and Mark joined us for a few hikes… even some longer ones.  Most islands have a trail from the calm, shallow banks where we anchor to the windward side for ocean views.  

These panorama photos give you an idea of the views that we seek in these hikes ~






We couldn’t keep Mom out of the water and you can see why!  The Bahama waters are gin clear and beautiful on the bank-side and ocean-side.  

She took right to snorkeling for the first time in many decades and we had a nice, small reef right off of the boat to check out some corals and fish.  We also came across a group of at least eight stingrays having a conference.

We got to spend time with Dave & Leslie (Texas two Step) over conch salad on the beach at happy hour… 

….with Mike & Vickie (Double Exposure) for a dip in the water to cool off after a hike…

… and with Jeff (Virtual Reality) for a few happy hours and a special 3D/360˚ studio session!


Relaxation was setting in and we were eating well.  Mom and Dad enjoyed the cuisine for the week, which included rack of lamb, rib-eye steaks and coq au vin, not to mention french toast, sausage & egg fritatta, sourdough pancakes & bread.  They seemed impressed with the cuisine, but really this is what eating looks like when you control all of the preparation, ingredients and cooking.  

When we’re back in lands of convenience ~ Sure, I am one of the first to crave heading out to restaurants or even fast food.  But since our lifestyle has changed, I haven’t been able to embrace the overabundance of pre-packaged foods that line grocery stores these days, in favor of natural ingredients or simple market foods.

The end of the week greeted us with light squalls lasting a few minutes and lovely rainbows.  

We spent a last lazy boat-day before renting a car to do some final shopping.  

Mom got a last swim in and was standing up next to Reach, which happened to kiss bottom at low tide.  

That night, we watched the bright stars and milky way, looking up constellations on our Sky View app.

Sporting their cool new straw hats, we said farewell to them at the airport.  

We loved having them stay with us and experiencing something completely different…  a stress-free zone that you can control, with no TV, no talking/screaming heads, no expectations or schedule… just life.  

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