Up the river

So what does one do when one's underwater camera is [soggy] toast?  Why, look for birds of course!  Sometimes we don’t even need to leave the boat if anchored near a submerged log when the ospreys and pelicans come out in the evening to hunt. 

Interesting skimmers fly by and rest on a nearby sandspit and cute sandpipers skip along on the beaches.

Since arriving in the San Blas a month ago, we’ve had our choice of private anchorages for Reach and Kookaburra to enjoy fishing & paddle-board-snorkeling with board attached to limb.  

We also took a dinghy trip to the mainland to explore a nearby river.  The entrance was easy to find, but running muddy with a mild current due to nightly rains.  

The waters were high enough for access to the head of the river, maneuvering around obstacles and only having to walk the dinghy and raise the outboard motor near the end.  

You could just feel & taste all of that fresh oxygen flowing out into the atmosphere among all of the lush green scenery and stately old trees.

The fresh water was quite chilly as we found out!  There were no crocs visible (phew), but we did see a teeny frog camouflaged in the rubble beach. 

Birds were flying and calling everywhere - gotta love the jungle!  We all watched a large, great black hawk with its white tail fly overhead.  A few toucans were also seen taking to the air, their distinctive beaks seeming to weigh them down.  


Kingfishers zig-zagged around us as we traversed the river… which was a bit easier to steer up-current than ride down.  

Herons of all shapes and sizes populated the riverbank, including this green heron singing loudly who came over to pose for the camera.

A fun day and good bird fix.  We’ll be back this way to take the underwater tour next time.

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